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Useful Information

 Don't let your property deteriorate from costly mistakes that could have been easily avoided if addressed correctly.  Our tips and tricks will make sure your property doesn't become a  financial burden.

Our team has the experience to locate and address even the hardest-to-find issues that might affect a property. We use the latest training & technology available today to ensure  inspections are absolutely thorough and examine every possible area.

When  your inspection is complete, you’ll be happy to discover our team also  believes in top-notch customer service. We deliver thorough reports with  accurate descriptions and images, and always remain available to  address any concerns you might have after the inspection ... for as long as you own the property!


For Your Protection:​​

It is very important to test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly. Be sure to install fresh batteries twice a year.

  • Check the date stamped on the back of your detectors ... 10 years old or older detectors are not reliable per fire department officials. Replace  as needed.  (Note- Newer detectors have a 10 year battery and are not replaceable)

Change HVAC air filters every month of usage during the heating and cooling  seasons. This will maintain component efficiency and prolong the useful  life of your heating & cooling systems.


              Keep the Fire in the Fireplace!